Welcome to SHIBUI & Co.

where TRAVEL MEETS TRADITION AND where global wanderers
can find a deeper sense of cultural connection.

Here you will find inspirational stories of artisans and craftspeople preserving handmade skills and
generations-old traditions, as well as travel memoirs and imagery shared by featured photographers.

SHIBUI & Co. curate cultural tales, tours and workshops with artisans of the world.
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What the SHIBUI?

SHIBUI [SHI-BOO-EE] is a Japanese word used to describe an understated, classic kinda cool.

It's an enriched beauty achieved though minimalism and purpose rather than adornment and extravagance.
Its value must be discovered and understood rather than bought or won.

We think SHIBUI describes artisan craftsmanship perfectly.

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how it all began

SHIBUI & Co. was formed over a coffee, a croissant-stealing puppy named Fudge and some notes on a napkin (as all good business ideas are). 

With a shared passion for travel, culture and artisan craftsmanship, combined with a common love for photography and storytelling,
Briseis Onfray and Karina Eastway crafted a publishing concept to share with the world and SHIB-OOM!
… this online, global directory for travel and culture addicts was born. 

May cultural traditions and craftsmanship continue to thrive in a contemporary world.