We can't be everywhere! During their travels, these global wanderers share their artisan finds with us.

Contact us if you'd like to join the SHIBUI tribe or know any SHIBUI-style makers with a story worth sharing.

Sunshine Coasr

Sunshine Coasr



Chevaune Hindley

Born: Cape Town, South Africa

Base: Sunshine Coast, Australia

After living in five different countries and finally settling on the Sunshine Coast in 2012, I realised that actually, all I ever wanted to do was travel, write, take pictures and tell stories. As well as being a mum to two beautiful boys aged 1 and 4, I run my own photography business and write for a growing number of publications. I’m loving being fixed in one place for the moment - but I do need to go on a journey somewhere new every now and then - otherwise I’d get bored! When not doing that, you’ll find me daydreaming about food and travels; planning my next creative venture; or on the beach with my family. You can follow some of my work and all our adventures on Insta @chevaunehindley

Moacir Zeledon & Skye Braby (co-founders of Cielo Collective)

Born: (Moacir) Nicaragua, South America (He spent his teenage and young adult years in Mexico at Mision Mexico Refuge.)
(Skye) Brisbane, Australia

Base: Noosa Heads, Australia

We are Moacir & Skye and together we create Cielo Collective. With a mutual love for tradition, creativity and human connection, we personally travel to artisan villages throughout Mexico and Guatemala. Here we develop and source beautifully handcrafted pieces created by highly skilled artisans. Residing in Noosa, Australia our pieces resonate with our coastal lifestyle and are essentials for wandering the globe, a cosy corner in your home or for days by the sea.




Jordan Eastway

Born: Sydney, Australia

Base: Gold Coast, Australia

I started travelling at three months of age, living between UK and Australia. I've recently returned from a European summer and will hit the road again in August with a trip to Nepal to assist with earthquake relief.  



Janet Onfray

Born: Westcliff-on-Sea, England

Base: Penally, Wales

I have always been interested in other cultures and ways, so for me, travelling to various countries has allowed me to see the world through different eyes.